What’s Life All About ?

I always wonder what’s life all about ? If I am asking this simple question to you , then what answer should I expect from your side ? As every person has different perceptions and mindsets , answers will be varied wide.


Whenever we get birth , we are automatically linked to various relations.Relations need not to be made manually.As we grow up , we come across many peoples – good or bad. We would like to create a relation with a good one and ignore the bad one. In this way , we increase our connections in day to day life. So ,  a question arises why are we connecting with other peoples though we are having blood relations.The answer is very straight forward that is we want ourselves to get recognized as an independent entity in the society and survive a better life.

I often think that why I am studying.I have got this precious life to learn something new and doing adventurous things. But I end up thinking that life is very long. A long phase of life is left for enjoying. Friends , I want to tell you a fact that life is not a slave of any person.It does not wait for anyone.For example , I pass most of my time in studying and doing useless work.Can anyone give me sureity about my life the very next day. The answer is No. I am alive today , may not be tomorrow.

So , Life is not all about doing usual things , following daily schedule , earning money , attending college hours instead life is about growing up yourself , understanding yourself , doing innovative and adventurous things everyday. Steve Jobs has also said that ” Live Each Day As If It Was Your Last “. So , we should live our life to the fullest. We should not wait for the next day because this next day might never come in our life.

Now , I would like to end my discussion saying the very inspiring quote :

                                        CHERISH – Yesterday

                                        DREAM – Tomorrow

                                        LIVE – Today