MDN’s 10th Anniversary


I would like to wish MDN a very great and happy day. Today is MDN’s 10th Anniversary. Whenever I use the word ‘MDN’ , it is obviously the Mozilla Developer Network. Millions of users and thousands of volunteers , developers and contributors are celebrating MDN’s 10th Anniversary today . I would like to remember you that the original Mozilla Developer Network wiki site was launched on 23 July, 2005 . So , MDN is celebrating its 10 years of excellence and dedication in the web development on the web.


There are few questions which arises in our mind whenever we hear about MDN that are as follows :

1. What is MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) ?

The MDN community is a group of staff and volunteers with the goal of providing useful information and utilities to web developers. Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) is an open and collaborative learning platform for Web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript).

2. What is vision of MDN ?

MDN’s vision is a world where software development begins with web development.

3. What is mission of MDN ?

MDN’s mission is to enable, inspire and collaborate to make the Web the primary platform used to create experiences across all connected devices.


MDN goes beyond providing essential coding information; it addresses developers’ needs through its supporting community of volunteer developers, with the aim of inspiring ideas, encouraging collaboration and ultimately, fostering the growth of the open Web. For a wide range of Web developers, from learners to hobbyists to full‐time professionals, MDN provides useful explanations for coding practice, instructions on downloading and building code, articles on how the code works. It also gives guidance on how to build add‐ons for Mozilla applications and apps for Firefox OS, user‐submitted runnable demos of Web technologies, and helpful answers on development planning and strategy.

Currently, MDN has over 4 million users per month and more than 1000 volunteer editors per month, worldwide.


Some keyfacts about MDN :

  • Original MDN wiki site launched on 23 July, 2005
  • Today it is one of the richest resources on the Web for documentation with 34,500 documents and climbing
  • 1000+ people edit MDN every month
  • More than 20,000 contributors have made about 510,000 edits to date
  • Currently MDN has about 4.2 million users per month
  • So far, MDN editors created 13,200 English pages and made 21,200 translations in 42 locales
  • 300+ web terminology glossary



Updations and accomplishments in chronological order :

  • 2005: Mozilla obtained a license from AOL to use content from Netscape’s DevEdge site. The DevEdge content was mined for still‐useful material, which was then migrated by volunteers into a wiki so it would be easier to update and maintain. The new wiki was launched in July 2005 as Mozilla Developer Center (MDC), also known as “devmo,” shorthand for its domain name, “”
  • 2010: The name was changed to Mozilla Developer Network (MDN), reflecting the site’s growth into a nexus for all developer documentation related to the Mozilla Project and open web technologies.
  • 2011: A “Demo Studio” section was added for web developers to share and show off their code, along with learning pages to provide links to tutorials.
  • 2014: The basic learning pages have been expanded into “Learn the Web” content for beginning web developers, including a web terminology glossary, which Mozilla staff and volunteers will continue to develop over the next few years.

For detailed queries and information , you may visit following links :

  1. Web:
  2. Twitter:
  3. Newsgroup:!forum/mozilla.mdn
  4. Events: MDN community events



Moz2k15 – A Grand event from NIET Firefox Club

In the month of August , NIET Firefox Club is going to host a grand event in Noida Institute of Engineering & Technology , Greater Noida.

This event is primarily the club launching event of NIET Firefox Club. Earlier , NIET Firefox Club was launched in the month of April but It could not get hosted on a desired level which I wanted due to lack of time and load of exams. But this time , this event is going to be a combo event which will include the inauguration activities plus activities related with introduction of Webmaker tools , Firefox OS , talks on FOSS and how can we contribute to Mozilla.


In whole , this event is going to be a great and superb event full of lots of fun and integrated with tech knowledge as well. NIET Firefox Club is a key grouping of awesome Mozillians who love openness and thus contribute to Mozilla in different ways. Club members are so much excited that they have started preparation for the event from now. NIET Firefox Club is also thinking to invite RAL from Mozilla India community.

I will try to post the updates regarding the event very soon. To visit club wiki , click here.

For further information , contact Club Lead (Vibhanshu Chaudhary).

Experience as a member of NIET Firefox Club

I am Jaya Raut, Web Education Lead of NIET Firefox Club. Today , I am going to share my experience as a member of the club and FSA program.

I learned that being a member of this club is giving me a golden opportunity to develop social contacts in this techie world and setup a ground for sharing knowledge.

As a member I grew from a layman to a much awaited knowledge aquired person.

First of all I was introduced to this club via a simple college notice board where I found a poster and was attracted towards such an initiative of college and club.

As in past also I was using the browser , it was a good experience to have it as it is open  source and provides best features such as privacy , high speed etc.

By joining the club I came to know across many other features of Mozilla Firefox browser like its security standard , live bookmarking , and tabbed browsing etc.

According to me , There are various benefits of joining the club and FSA program as well which are as follows :

1.Potential for Mozilla Internship

2.Opportunity to become Mozilla Rep

3.Enhance leadership skills

4.Win awesome goodies and swags

5.Appreciation certificate from Mozilla

6.Getting online badges

7.Improves technical skills

8.Use Webmaker tools

9.Attending various Mozilla events

10.Increased social relationships

On whole I am fortunate enough to have this membership.

Web Education Lead
NIET Firefox Club

***Under guidance of
Vibhanshu Chaudhary
Club Lead (CL)
NIET Firefox Club