Moz2k15 – A Grand event from NIET Firefox Club

In the month of August , NIET Firefox Club is going to host a grand event in Noida Institute of Engineering & Technology , Greater Noida.

This event is primarily the club launching event of NIET Firefox Club. Earlier , NIET Firefox Club was launched in the month of April but It could not get hosted on a desired level which I wanted due to lack of time and load of exams. But this time , this event is going to be a combo event which will include the inauguration activities plus activities related with introduction of Webmaker tools , Firefox OS , talks on FOSS and how can we contribute to Mozilla.


In whole , this event is going to be a great and superb event full of lots of fun and integrated with tech knowledge as well. NIET Firefox Club is a key grouping of awesome Mozillians who love openness and thus contribute to Mozilla in different ways. Club members are so much excited that they have started preparation for the event from now. NIET Firefox Club is also thinking to invite RAL from Mozilla India community.

I will try to post the updates regarding the event very soon. To visit club wiki , click here.

For further information , contact Club Lead (Vibhanshu Chaudhary).


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