MozWave 2k16

As the new year i.e., 2016 is approaching too fast ,  we “The NIET Firefox Club (Mozilla Noida Community) has decided to host an awesome event in the month of January.The major reason behind organizing the events time to time is the great response of students towards the Mozilla , FSA program and the club. Yeah ! We have got a lot of participation in our events organized by us and even the college management appreciated these events.

So coming to our event MozWave 2k16 , this event is basically a orientation program for first year students who are unaware of the Mozilla, the FSA program and how we are rocking around campus with a motive to make the web open and spread Mozwareness. So, this time we are preparing with full potential to make our event successful again.

Here is the agenda for our event.More details will be provided soon here.

  1. Introduction of NIET Firefox Club cum Mozilla Noida Community
  2. Who are we ?
  3. Mission and vision of Mozilla
  4. Contribution of Mozilla towards Open Source
  5. Why join FSA program ?
  6. Activity for signing up to FSA program
  7. Contribution Areas
  8. Distribution of Swag for awesome students
  9. Feedback taking activity
  10. End

“Doing Mozwareness is part of our soul

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Mozilla ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤



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