Free basics by Facebook – Yes or No ?

Well ! This is the last page of this year i.e., the last day 31st December of year 2015. So , how can I stay away from writing last blog for this year ?  I choose the most trending topic “Free basics by Facebook“. Every time you login to Facebook these days, you might have been noticing updates saying so and so has sent a message to TRAI to support free basics in India . What is free basics ?

What Facebook says ?

Free Basics by Facebook provides free access to basic internet services to a billion people all over the world.Free Basics makes the internet accessible to more people by providing them access to a range of free basic services like news, maternal health, travel, local jobs, sports, communication, and local government information.

What Net Neutrality activists say ?

According to them , free basics by is a violation of Net equality or Net Neutrality. Facebook has launched a campaign where it has been asking users to sign a petition to send it to TRAI. Net neutrality activists says Facebook is playing foul. If you don’t know about the concept of Net Neutrality , I have already written a blog post about it earlier.

What I say ?

I am strictly against this greedy campaign started by Facebook in the form of Free Basics. I am not against free basics. Free basics – is not Facebook, Whatsapp or necessarily a social networking site itself. It may be a knowledge sharing means or source which can help a student in its project work, a farmer to enhance their farming techniques and production, suggesting patient a medicine to cure his disease and so on.

According to Net Neutrality , there should be no discrimination among websites. Net Neutrality is neutrally accessing all websites at the same cost with equality. Sending mails to TRAI for digital equality may completely finish the concept of Net neutrality in India.

Dear Facebook, how did you think you can provide digital education to rural areas without giving access to basic utilities like Google, YouTube ?


So please stop blindly sending your opinion about Free Basics to TRAI. I have collected an good explanation for this so that you can understand it easily in your own words.

Free Basics explained in your own terms!

1. I go to a particular bar to drink a beer which I have been doing so for years. I pay him 300 bucks for 1 beer.

2. Suddenly one day he says you can drink 3 beers for free, 4th beer will cost you 100 bucks. I lovingly oblige.

3. From one beer a day for 300, I end up having 4 beers a day for 100.

4. Now I can’t sleep without having 4 beers a day. But since it is costing me only 100 bucks, I don’t mind.

5. Then one fine day, bar owner says each beer costs 1000 bucks and for side dish, I need to register myself for 5000 bucks.

6. I go in search of some other bar, but find all other bar owners closed shop because of unsustainable business ethics.

7. Now I have to pay 4000 bucks to get my daily sleeping dose which was originally 300 bucks

I hope you got it what I tried to explain you.

Now I would like to thank all the members of NIET Firefox Club cum Mozilla Noida Community for their huge and valuable contributions towards FSA program and community in 2015.