Privacy Seminar @ Mozilla Noida Community

MozillaNoidaCommunity1The seminar on Privacy was organized by NIET Firefox Club cum Mozilla Noida Community on 31th January, 2016. It was held under the Privacy Month campaign which is hosted by Mozilla every year in month of January.


28th January is celebrated as International Data Privacy Day every year. In today’s scenario where cyber crimes, privacy & security breaches and data stealing have become an trend and craze among the youth and hackers, the concept of Data Privacy is of utmost importance and should be taught everywhere in the world. To support this concept, an initiative has been taken by Mozilla under which month of January is celebrated and considered as Privacy Month. A lot number of FSAs and Mozillians around the world support this initiative by teaching privacy basics and tools to protect and safeguard their data and privacy.


This seminar was kick started by me as a Club Lead by introducing the definition of security and privacy. A few questions was raised by me about data privacy and hacking. Firstly , I started with the reasons that why Mozilla Firefox browser is the most secured browser among all available browsers on the web. Privacy basics were taught in which attendees were made aware about how their data is stolen and privacy is violated on the web and ending up privacy basics by teaching ways to create more secured passwords.

Then a detailed session was taken by me on Lightbeam which is a very good tool to track your protection and to ensure safe surfing of Internet. I introduced the concept of third party sites and how we access them indirectly every time we access a website or a web link. Third party sites are mainly responsible for breaching your security and stealing your confidential information.






In this session, participants were made aware of the various ways by which our personal and private data is tracked and breached. Different ways for preventing security breach were also taught such as using Private Browsing Window, activating “Do Not Track Me” feature and using Lightbeam add-on. Then,  some questionaries were raised by me about “HTTP vs HTTPS”. Brilliant answers came from the participants.



This seminar continued for 3 hours in which mostly each and every aspects of privacy and security was taught and showcased by me. A great enthusiasm was also seen among participants about this seminar and privacy. I would like to thank all the respective club coordinators, HOD Sir and venue coordinator for providing all the required resources.