Mozilla India Meetup 2016

This blog post is all about a festival which was celebrated at Pune starting from 26th August and 28th August, 2016. During this festival, the citizens of Open Web celebrated the openness, new opportunities and diversity among themselves. I usually call these citizens “The Mozillians – Protector of Open Web”. If I would mention a particular name for it, it is Mozilla India Meetup. Yes, you read it right.

Mozilla India Meetup – A grand gathering and event hosted by the most diversified and techy community “MozillaIN Community” wherein Mozillians from all around India and outside India irrespective of gender, age, culture, religion, profession, interests etc. participated with their full potential and enthusiasm with a single motive and aim to promote Mozilla’s mission. Isn’t it sound good ? A large number of diversified people strives for and supports a single cause – To promote Openness, Innovation and Opportunity on the web. That’s why I always like to give this group of Mozillians a tag line “Unity in Diversity”.


Well, this meetup had a main objective to restructure and refine Mozilla India Community with a goal and vision to enable the community to uphold the Mozilla mission at any scale,  while remaining relevant to individual contributors.

But here, I am not going to elaborate the whole restructure proposal and process but wish to share my personal experience and view over it. The first awesome thing that happened to me was meeting with George Roter, Dietrich Ayala and Bradley while I was waiting at the airport. This was really a great co incidence. We had a long talk on the future of MozillaIN Community and restructuring process. I really appreciate the energetic nature of these three awesome guys. This meetup consisted a plan for two days that was scheduled separately with different sessions on each day. The first day started with a great zeal and enthusiasm and excitement could be easily seen among the Mozillians. There were about 100+  Mozillians that were present over there. I was also a part of documentation team so I had a great experience while working closely with other Mozillians and learning the documenting skills. We had a large number of breakout sessions on both days like Rust Programming, Connected Devices, MozillaVR,  Mozilla Policy & Advocacy, Mozilla Campus Clubs and many more including the “Restructure Proposal” session which was common to all Mozillians. There were a lot of fun activities that were organized to keep the Mozillians energetic and in active Mode 😀 .


The session on ‘Branding’ facilitated by Bradley and session on ‘Diversity’ by Konstantina were amazing and resourceful. There were serious branding issues associated with the existing FSA program. According to me, one of the issue in FSA program was “We all were centrally leaned towards the word Firefox and the whole FSA program used to revolve around it. However, we need to rethink that Firefox is just a product or software developed by Mozilla, Mozilla is not only about Firefox. However, Mozilla stands and exists with a much broader mission and vision.” I don’t know that what I explained is up to point or not but I tried and expressed my view ‘Openly’ that is also an integral part of Mozilla’s mission.


In a nutshell, the restructuring idea that was proposed during the meetup is going to be very effective and able to fulfill the vision of our community. However, the success lies in its successful implementation and working in real time scenario. This event gave me a great platform and opportunity to meet new Mozillians and sharing my views with them. I enjoyed these three days to my fullest and bags the title for being “Happy Moments” in my life.