Mozilla Club Noida Meeting

A meeting was organised by Mozilla Noida Community on 11th April, 2017 to discuss the restructuring process of community and discussing strategies and plans to support Mozilla’s current focus initiative “Activate Mozilla“. It was chaired by Shubham Jain (Community Member & Club Captain).


One random glimpse after the meeting

Our current focus is to mobilize technical contributors and students in our region to contribute to WebVR and Rust. A lot of community members have been contributing to WebVR development using A-Frame and we left imprints of our success by organising a very successful event named “A Day of Virtual Reality” in the month of November,2016. We discussed about an event which we are going to organise in the month of May, 2017 that would be supporting MozActivate campaign. We also talked about how we can expand our community to reach desired goals. Every member stated how he or she can help in making the community better, supporting the open web and what can be the challenges in front of them. We also shared our thoughts on how we can educate other students by conducting technical events and advocate emerging technologies like Virtual Reality, Rust by conducting workshops. We looked back at individual contributions of members in the Mozilla Community and finally we discussed on takeaways, review and follow-up plans.

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