WebVR Hackathon and Nightly Talk


I am writing this blog post about an event which was organised by Mozilla Noida Community on 4th June 2017 at Greater Noida. It was primarily focused on learning virtual reality development using A-Frame and then followed by a talk on Firefox Nightly web browser. A-Frame is an Open Source WebVR framework developed by Mozilla VR team for creating virtual reality contents and scenes. According to Mozilla VR team, Having more developers and content creators playing with WebVR is important for the future of virtual reality to help build towards a free and open virtual reality platform not owned by any individual entity. Moreover, Having more contributors know A-Frame will give them a chance to get involved in one of the most exciting revolutions in the field of technology.

We, as an open source technical community, believe that we need to keep ourselves updated in the technical world that is moving with a very fast pace where technologies are changing with the blink of eyes. To ensure the same, we (Mozilla Community) took initiative to organise a workshop on Virtual Reality which is an emerging technology and the next big thing in the market. It’s is going to add further cap in students’ academics and resume as well because there are very few developers of VR in market and it’s demand is going to increase tremendously in the future.


On the event day, we started with the basic concepts of A-Frame and talked about Mozilla VR Community. I started my session by implementing few primitives and basic concepts. Participants started building their own scenes simultaneously. They found developing VR scenes very interesting and unique. Then I moved to some advanced concepts and explained the ECS pattern by giving real life examples. After this, we all had our delicious lunch in one hour break. The break got over and we started a contest in which participants have to build scenes in groups and those who created creative scenes were awarded with VR devices and goodies. Participants developed their VR scenes with different ideas and their creativity. After this contest, some of the participants joined our talk on Firefox Nightly. Most of the participants were not aware of the Nightly version of Firefox. We started with installing Nightly on our systems. After installation, I introduced various cool and unique features of Firefox Nightly and how we can use them. Then we moved our discussion on reporting bugs to Mozilla and initial steps of getting started with QA. After this productive discussion, participants were excited and happy after getting Nightly stickers. The event ended with taking feedback from the participants.