Firefox Quantum Sprint – Mozilla Community Noida

The Mozilla Community Noida| NIET organised a sprint campaign on Firefox Quantum which is soon to be launched. The event as scheduled kick started at 9:30 am on the October 7th ’17 .
The event was initiated by Ms.Kirti Bharadwaj by welcoming the participants and a brief introduction about website testing and beta version of Firefox 57.


The mainstream website testing was then edified in detail by Mr. Vibhanshu Chaudhary & Mr. Samriddha Prajapati . The event gave the students opportunity of testing websites on beta version of Firefox 57.


The event gave an insight about the working of the beta version of Firefox 57 and basics of testing including running different websites on beta version of Firefox, finding the bugs and thereby reporting them. A detailed explanation was given on how to test websites along with examples. A large number of websites were tested along with participants showcasing the bugs they spotted and also reported the same on the official site .


The event concluded at 12:30pm with participants having positive feedback for the event !
Happy learning!


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