Are We Ready For Next 5 Years ?


Quite long time, yes ! After a quite long time, I am here again to have some words with all of you who are reading this. As the IT world is moving with a fast pace where new technologies comes up in the market with a blink of eyes and where IT employees are expected to have full fledged knowledge and desired experience in that technology the very next day. I wish employees could be developed at the same moment the requirement comes up from an employee-vending machine with desired skill sets and experience. Wow !! It could have done wonders in IT industries all over the world.

Ok. Wait. Let’s come to ground level. We already have a very robust and strong education system in India. I’m not going to take you back to school days and start a traditional debate over education system. We all have been taught approximately fifty subjects in our college, subjects with huge diversity like our India has : Biology, Chemistry, Manufacturing, Physics, Mechanics, Computers etc. If we could have curriculum according to our specific interests and career goals, if universities could have incorporated the niche and trending technologies in their curriculum and emphasized on implementation rather than expecting 2 pages answer for a 2 mark question, we might not be suffering to survive in IT industry today or searching jobs with broken hopes as freshers. I wish we didn’t cram (Rattafication). Today, IT industry is talking about Machine Learning, DevOps, IoT, RPA, Data Science, Automation, Big Data testing and so on, our universities are still teaching us C, HTML and 75% useless theoretical parrot learning. Guys ! We are already lagging behind.

Let’s talk about some future-proof and promising careers and roles in IT industry which we can learn today and thus ensuring our retention in IT industry for at least next 5 years. Automation is changing the current IT landscape. Every IT industry is finding ways to automate their tasks as much as possible and completely shifting over automation practices. As this technology is promising business benefits and great efficiency and finding its way into more and more industries, however, it has brought with it a serious concern that human workers will inevitably become obsolete. Other trends and roles which are booming now a days are Data Scientists, AI/Robotic Leads, Automation Engineer, IoT Developers, QA Analysts, RPA Engineer, Cyber Security Analysts, DevOps EngineerĀ (just to name a few). I am not going to explain each of these here as something named “Google” exists today in our lives. šŸ˜€


There are a lots of thingsĀ related to this topic that are still left to discuss in this blog post. We will discuss it the next time we will meet here. Until then, let’s update out skill set according to the trends that we are going to see in 2018 and coming years.