Moz TechKnack’16

NIET firefox club poster1

This time I got late blogging my event TechKnack’16 organized by NIET Firefox Club in association with Mozilla Reps and Noida Institute of Engineering & Technology, Greater Noida. The event was organized on 26th February 2016. It was a full day event in which many workshops and contests were held.So, I should describe this huge event line by line. ūüôā

All the participants, event organizers, coordinators and college officials (Director, HODs, Dean, Advisors & Faculty members) gathered in Auditorium of CSE Department. Crowd of participants and attendees motivated us to rock the event. The event got started with the lamp lighting ceremony by the college officials.It was a great moment of us. Two of our club FSAs started introduction of FSA program, club, Mozilla and awesome opportunities in the FSA program ahead. After 5 mins , I joined them and spoke up on Open Source and Mozilla and inspired the presentees to join the FSA program.I was feeling proud saying that Mozilla Firefox is the most secured browser on the web with availability in Indian languages also.One thing which made the event a huge success and influenced the students was the video message from our very known Faye Tandog (Mozilla Phillipines). She did talk about FSA program and endless opportunities after joining the global FSA program. She also talked about Mozilla’s mission and vision. I really appreciate her for her awesome video message and supporting our event with precious words.¬† I gave a vote of thanks to HOD sir for giving immense support in organizing this event and making the resources available.In the end, I presented him a Mozilla bag in the form of appreciation for his valued support and contribution.

Now the Director , HODs and Dean were invited on the stage one by one to say few words about our event. I personally liked the speech of our HOD(CSE) Dr. C S Yadav because they related our club with Mozilla and Open Source in the best possible way and also he gave a tagline for us “To the Students, From the Students”. Now, one club coordinator communicated the agenda for the event that how will be go through the whole event.

Event consisted of three workshops on J2EE & Web Hosting and Ethical Hacking and one coding contest in the second half which was mandatory for all participants.Workshop trainers introduced Light Beam in all computer labs and told the benefits of using it. Participants also downloaded Firefox on their Android phones also. On the next day, winners of coding contest were declared. I distributed Mozilla swag and trophies to all the winners and runner ups. Participants were spotted very enthusiastic and excited that day.

The agenda for the event can be found on the following link :

I would like to thank Mozilla Representative Bala Subramaniyan without whose valued support and help this event might not be possible. Or I may say that Bala is the person behind the successful completion of our event.He is really a good friend and mentor. I would thank Faye Tandog for his special video message. Last but not least, thanks to all event coordinators and participants.

Event pics is available on the following link :


Privacy Seminar @ Mozilla Noida Community

MozillaNoidaCommunity1The seminar on Privacy was organized by NIET Firefox Club cum Mozilla Noida Community on 31th January, 2016. It was held under the Privacy Month campaign which is hosted by Mozilla every year in month of January.


28th January is celebrated as International Data Privacy Day every year. In today’s scenario where cyber crimes, privacy & security breaches and data stealing have become an trend and craze among the youth and hackers, the concept of Data Privacy is of utmost importance and should be taught everywhere in the world. To support this concept, an initiative has been taken by Mozilla under which month of January is celebrated and considered as Privacy Month. A lot number of FSAs and Mozillians around the world support this initiative by teaching privacy basics and tools to protect and safeguard their data and privacy.


This seminar was kick started by me as a Club Lead by introducing the definition of security and privacy. A few questions was raised by me about data privacy and hacking. Firstly , I started with the reasons that why Mozilla Firefox browser is the most secured browser among all available browsers on the web. Privacy basics were taught in which attendees were made aware about how their data is stolen and privacy is violated on the web and ending up privacy basics by teaching ways to create more secured passwords.

Then a detailed session was taken by me on Lightbeam which is a very good tool to track your protection and to ensure safe surfing of Internet. I introduced the concept of third party sites and how we access them indirectly every time we access a website or a web link. Third party sites are mainly responsible for breaching your security and stealing your confidential information.






In this session, participants were made aware of the various ways by which our personal and private data is tracked and breached. Different ways for preventing security breach were also taught such as using Private Browsing Window, activating ‚ÄúDo Not Track Me‚ÄĚ feature and using Lightbeam add-on. Then,¬† some questionaries were raised by me about “HTTP vs HTTPS”. Brilliant answers came from the participants.



This seminar continued for 3 hours in which mostly each and every aspects of privacy and security was taught and showcased by me. A great enthusiasm was also seen among participants about this seminar and privacy. I would like to thank all the respective club coordinators, HOD Sir and venue coordinator for providing all the required resources.

Free basics by Facebook – Yes or No ?

Well ! This is the last page of this year i.e., the last day 31st December of year 2015. So , how can I stay away from writing last blog for this year ? ¬†I choose the most trending topic “Free basics by Facebook“.¬†Every time you login to Facebook these days, you might have been noticing updates saying so and so has sent a message to TRAI to support free basics in India . What is free basics ?

What Facebook says ?

Free Basics by Facebook provides free access to basic internet services to a billion people all over the world.Free Basics makes the internet accessible to more people by providing them access to a range of free basic services like news, maternal health, travel, local jobs, sports, communication, and local government information.

What Net Neutrality activists say ?

According to them , free basics by is a violation of Net equality or Net Neutrality.¬†Facebook has launched a campaign where it has been asking users to sign a petition to send it to TRAI. Net neutrality activists says Facebook is playing foul. If you don’t know about the concept of Net Neutrality , I have already written a blog post about it earlier.

What I say ?

I am strictly against this greedy campaign started by Facebook in the form of Free Basics. I am not against free basics. Free basics Рis not Facebook, Whatsapp or necessarily a social networking site itself. It may be a knowledge sharing means or source which can help a student in its project work, a farmer to enhance their farming techniques and production, suggesting patient a medicine to cure his disease and so on.

According to Net Neutrality , there should be no discrimination among websites. Net Neutrality is neutrally accessing all websites at the same cost with equality. Sending mails to TRAI for digital equality may completely finish the concept of Net neutrality in India.

Dear Facebook, how did you think you can provide digital education to rural areas without giving access to basic utilities like Google, YouTube ?


So please stop blindly sending your opinion about Free Basics to TRAI. I have collected an good explanation for this so that you can understand it easily in your own words.

Free Basics explained in your own terms!

1. I go to a particular bar to drink a beer which I have been doing so for years. I pay him 300 bucks for 1 beer.

2. Suddenly one day he says you can drink 3 beers for free, 4th beer will cost you 100 bucks. I lovingly oblige.

3. From one beer a day for 300, I end up having 4 beers a day for 100.

4. Now I can’t sleep without having 4 beers a day. But since it is costing me only 100 bucks, I don’t mind.

5. Then one fine day, bar owner says each beer costs 1000 bucks and for side dish, I need to register myself for 5000 bucks.

6. I go in search of some other bar, but find all other bar owners closed shop because of unsustainable business ethics.

7. Now I have to pay 4000 bucks to get my daily sleeping dose which was originally 300 bucks

I hope you got it what I tried to explain you.

Now I would like to thank all the members of NIET Firefox Club cum Mozilla Noida Community for their huge and valuable contributions towards FSA program and community in 2015.



MozWave 2k16

As the new year i.e., 2016 is approaching too fast , ¬†we “The NIET Firefox Club (Mozilla Noida Community) has decided to host an awesome event in the month of January.The major reason behind organizing the events time to time is the great response of students towards the Mozilla , FSA program and the club. Yeah ! We have got a lot of participation in our events organized by us and even the college management appreciated these events.

So coming to our event MozWave 2k16 , this event is basically a orientation program for first year students who are unaware of the Mozilla, the FSA program and how we are rocking around campus with a motive to make the web open and spread Mozwareness. So, this time we are preparing with full potential to make our event successful again.

Here is the agenda for our event.More details will be provided soon here.

  1. Introduction of NIET Firefox Club cum Mozilla Noida Community
  2. Who are we ?
  3. Mission and vision of Mozilla
  4. Contribution of Mozilla towards Open Source
  5. Why join FSA program ?
  6. Activity for signing up to FSA program
  7. Contribution Areas
  8. Distribution of Swag for awesome students
  9. Feedback taking activity
  10. End

“Doing Mozwareness is part of our soul

‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧ Mozilla ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧


Inauguration of NIET Firefox Club followed by “Grow Firefox in Indian Languages” Campaign

Banner of event at main gate of college

Banner of event at main gate of college

In this advanced world of budding technology, we cater to each and every need of the user and a better interface is appreciated by all. Although the existing technology pays off well, we still strive towards progress and such strides are constantly being made by Mozilla. Mozilla’s Internet browser which has time and again proven to be the best and the most secured browser aims to promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the web.


To support the cause, one such attempt was made by the NIET Firefox Club during the “NIET FIREFOX CLUB’S INAUGURAL EVENT” powered by Mozilla Reps, Mozilla Foundation, Mozilla India and Mozilla l10n. The club was officially announced in the first week¬†of April, 2015 and bags the title of being the first only technical club in the history of NIET. The club has previously organized various events which include MozMeet@NIET, Enigma and many more.

Student querying about l10n

Student querying about l10n

The inaugural event of the club named ‚ÄúTechSense‚ÄĚ was held on 17th of October, 2015 and no stone was left unturned by the club to make it a grand event. The event won innumerable hearts of the inquisitive minds and for sure has left a golden mark in the history of NIET. The event was preceded upon by Director Dr. Ajay Kumar and our wonderful HOD’s – Prof. C S Yadav,¬† Dr. Somesh Kumar, Dr. P Pauchari and Prof. R Kumar, advisor CS and IT whose benign presence led to the success of our very event. The event kick-started with the lightening ceremony to set ablaze the podium followed by few words from our dignitaries who showered their impeccable knowledge¬† upon us as the participants clamped on keenly to each and every word of them. The excitement level grew when the students were briefed about what they were about to experience by Mr. Vibhanshu Chaudhary¬†, the Club Lead and founder of club who introduced and shared his knowledge on various Webmaker tools provided by Mozilla, FSA program, Mozilla l10n and presented a short video message of Ms. Ting Jung Lee, Community Manager, Firefox Student Ambassador program.¬†He is a Webmaker Mentor and Mozillian for about 2 years and actively contributing to Mozilla projects and Open Source.


Video message by TJ Lee , Community Manager

Video message by TJ Lee , Community Manager


Talking about Open Source

Talking about Open Source

Then the CL organized a 3 hour session on “Grow Firefox in Indian Languages” campaign. In this session, the participants were taught about localization l10n.All attendees wondered to know that Firefox is also available in Hindi language also which is mother tongue of mostly all attendees. A link was provided to all to download Hindi version of Firefox and they find it really good to have Firefox in Hindi. This session resulted in 77+ downloads of Firefox in Hindi and 2 labs were converted to Firefox(English) labs.

Firefox downloaded on Computer labs

Firefox downloaded in Computer Lab 1

Firefox downloaded in Computer Lab 2

Firefox downloaded in Computer Lab 2

All in all three workshops were also organized on Android Mobile Platform, Drupal, Virus Development and Cyber Security. A complimentary blogging session for all was conducted being the cherry on the top of the cake and then the students were divided into different labs and were given a chance to explore and showcase their zeal and understanding on their chosen topic. Ergo, the students could choose any of the three. Mozilla goodies and swag were distributed among the participants but unfortunately the swag ran out of stock.

Awesome Swags

Awesome Swags

Coordinators - Team NIET Firefox Club

Coordinators – Team NIET Firefox Club

These events witnessed enthusiastic participation by the contestants and led the results hanging neck to neck. The earlier meritorious students of Enigma(Mozilla Quiz) were also ushered upon by Mozilla goodies and swags that they deserved for winning the prior competitions in the prize ceremony.

Goodies awarded to winner by Director Sir

Goodies awarded to winner by Director Sir

Huge number of attendees

Huge number of attendees

Mozilla buttons on every shirt - Director and HODs Sir fall in love with Mozilla <3

Mozilla buttons on every shirt – Director and HODs Sir fall in ‚̧ with Mozilla¬†

Receiving the lump sum of more than 200 registrations, the event turned out to be a massive success and we hope that we can continue to take these small strides on the path of technological advancement for the smallest of strides leads to the largest of goal to make the web Open.


Club Lead with Director , HODs and faculties

Club Lead with Director , HODs and faculties

After the event Selfie :P

After the event Selfie ūüėõ

NIET Firefox Club

Finally my pic as awesome and true Mozillian

Finally my pic as awesome and true Mozillian ūüėÄ

After event grand party

After event grand party

So , it’s time to thank people without whom the event might not be successful and great.

I would like to give a special vote of thanks to Ms. Ting Jung Lee (TJ) for her awesome video message that created a zeal and enthusiasm about FSA program in the mind of participants and college management.

A vote of thanks to Mr. Umesh Agrawal (Mozilla Rep, Pune) for providing me awesome swag and guiding me through out the event.

A special thanks to Professor C S Yadav (HOD , CSE) who made available each and every resource required by our club.

I would like to thank all the coordinators of club and organizers of workshops : Shivam Chopra, Shubham Aggrawal, Sanyam Yadav, Shubhankit, Tarun Goyal, Swapnil, Kartikey, Jaya, Mohit, Mayank, Shubham Jain, Shashwat, Sudhanshu, Deepanshu, Gaurav, Idraq, Praveen, Rajat, Sammridh, Shubh, Swetank, Surbhi, Vijay.

Thanks to Sonakshi Gupta for helping in report contents.

I ‚̧ Mozilla

Doing good is part of our code

Enigma – A Quiz Event


A mind boggling day rose, with many inquisitive minds battling for glory at the onset of the Enigma, a quiz competition on Firefox and its various tools was organized by the NIET Firefox Club on Saturday, August 22nd. For the promotion of this event, the team had left no stone unturned which could clearly be seen by a simple glance at the college premises. The banners of Enigma were all over the place: Notice boards, canteens, labs, auditoriums. As  the audience gathered, they were not ready, nor had they anticipated this level of brain storming puzzles as they sat on their respective benches eager for the quiz to begin. As the time came closer for the much awaited quiz to start , the nervousness levels of the students shot up, but so did their confidence and excitement levels. Their nervous faces had eyes that clearly showed their confidence to win and become the brain of the college. This excitement was not only limited to the students, but also to the event organizers who got butterflies in their stomachs on seeing the growing registration speeds.

Event Organizers

Event Organizers

When the number of registered students crossed 300, they were thrilled as it was a lot more than expected. But this also came with a sense of responsibility of handling a big crowd, but the committee had sworn to make this event a successful one and so tasks were divided between the committee members and everyone tried their level best. And there it was, the most awaited time of the day, as soon as the clock sung 9:00, the papers were distributed and after seconds there was pin drop silence as all the participants struggled hard  to solve the mind boggling questions. Rounds were taken by the faculty mentor Dr. Sandeep Gupta and the HOD Prof. C S Yadav to ensure the smooth running of the program, they were surprised to see the vast participation and interest shown by the students in Enigma.


The quiz came to an end 45 minutes after the papers were distributed.  The evaluation committee then sat down to check the answer sheets, meanwhile the students had an interactive session with the club leads as they made them aware about the Webmaker Tools and other tools of Mozilla Firefox. The event then proceeded to announce the winners who received goodies from Mozilla Firefox.

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My Experience as a Firefox Student Ambassador

My name is Vibhanshu Chaudhary , student of Computer Science & Engineering and Club Lead (CL) at NIET Firefox Club.

I can never forget the date on which I applied to become a member of FSA program. Yes , It was 25th April, 2014. Before it , I did not know about this program. When I read about the FSA program , Mozilla Manifesto and story , I got excited to join this program and contribute to it. So , My journey towards Mozilla started with this day.

Now , You can also call me an Mozillan and Firefox Student Ambassador too. Unfortunately , I had some tough and unfavorable time in my life during those days , due to which I couldn’t contributed to FSA program. But everyone knows tough time does not last long. So , I again thought to do something for Mozilla. In this time , I came to know about Club Lead examination. I applied to become CL and gave the CLT exam. After a long duration of more than one month , I got mail from the FSA Eboard that I have been selected as a CL and I may carry my role as a CL officially. That day was an awesome for me. But there was no Firefox Club in my college , so I made my club registered on Mozilla wiki and named it as “NIET Firefox Club“. In parallel to this , I recruited about 70+ FSAs in my club and organized various events in college regarding FSA program. Meanwhile , I started contributing to MLS and MDN.

Being a FSA , It helped me to develop social relationships and leadership skills , got an insight about open web and open source , came in touch with other awesome Mozillians like me and got a social identity.


In whole , my experience as a FSA  is just awesome and I love Mozilla. I also wish that other open web enthusiasts like me should also join the FSA program and get a golden opportunity to uplift themselves in every context of life.

There are many such moments in this journey which I cherished and enjoyed the  most which I will express in my next post.

Vibhanshu Chaudhary
Firefox Student Ambassador
Proud Mozillian
Club Lead (CL)

MDN’s 10th Anniversary


I would like to wish MDN a very great and happy day. Today is MDN’s 10th Anniversary. Whenever I use the word ‘MDN’ , it is obviously the Mozilla Developer Network. Millions of users and thousands of volunteers , developers and contributors are celebrating MDN’s 10th Anniversary today . I would like to remember you that¬†the original Mozilla Developer Network wiki site was¬†launched on 23 July, 2005¬†. So , MDN is celebrating its 10 years of excellence and dedication in the web development on the web.


There are few questions which arises in our mind whenever we hear about MDN that are as follows :

1. What is MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) ?

The MDN community is a group of staff and volunteers with the goal of providing useful information and utilities to web developers. Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) is an open and collaborative learning platform for Web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript).

2. What is vision of MDN ?

MDN’s vision is a world where software development begins with web development.

3. What is mission of MDN ?

MDN’s mission is to enable, inspire and collaborate to make the Web the primary platform used to create experiences across all connected devices.


MDN goes beyond providing essential coding information; it addresses¬†developers‚Äô needs through its supporting community of volunteer developers, with the aim of inspiring¬†ideas, encouraging collaboration and ultimately, fostering the growth of the open Web. For a wide¬†range of Web developers, from learners to hobbyists to full‚Äźtime professionals, MDN provides useful¬†explanations for coding practice, instructions on downloading and building code, articles on how the¬†code works. It also gives guidance on how to build add‚Äźons for Mozilla applications and apps for Firefox¬†OS, user‚Äźsubmitted runnable demos of Web technologies, and helpful answers on development¬†planning and strategy.

Currently, MDN has over 4 million users per month and more than 1000 volunteer editors per month, worldwide.


Some keyfacts about MDN :

  • Original MDN wiki site launched on 23 July, 2005
  • Today it is one of the richest resources on the Web for documentation with 34,500¬†documents and climbing
  • 1000+ people edit MDN every month
  • More than 20,000 contributors have made about 510,000 edits to date
  • Currently MDN has about 4.2 million users per month
  • So far, MDN editors created 13,200 English pages and made 21,200 translations in 42 locales
  • 300+ web terminology glossary



Updations and accomplishments in chronological order :

  • 2005: Mozilla obtained a license from AOL to use content from Netscape‚Äôs DevEdge site. The¬†DevEdge content was mined for still‚Äźuseful material, which was then migrated by volunteers¬†into a wiki so it would be easier to update and maintain. The new wiki was launched in July¬†2005 as Mozilla Developer Center (MDC), also known as ‚Äúdevmo,‚ÄĚ shorthand for its domain¬†name, ‚Äú‚ÄĚ
  • 2010: The name was changed to Mozilla Developer Network (MDN), reflecting the site‚Äôs¬†growth into a nexus for all developer documentation related to the Mozilla Project and open¬†web technologies.
  • 2011: A ‚ÄúDemo Studio‚ÄĚ section was added for web developers to share and show off their¬†code, along with learning pages to provide links to tutorials.
  • 2014: The basic learning pages have been expanded into ‚ÄúLearn the Web‚ÄĚ content for¬†beginning web developers, including a web terminology glossary, which Mozilla staff and¬†volunteers will continue to develop over the next few years.

For detailed queries and information , you may visit following links :

  1. Web:
  2. Twitter:
  3. Newsgroup:!forum/mozilla.mdn
  4. Events: MDN community events


Moz2k15 – A Grand event from NIET Firefox Club

In the month of August , NIET Firefox Club is going to host a grand event in Noida Institute of Engineering & Technology , Greater Noida.

This event is primarily the club launching event of NIET Firefox Club. Earlier , NIET Firefox Club was launched in the month of April but It could not get hosted on a desired level which I wanted due to lack of time and load of exams. But this time , this event is going to be a combo event which will include the inauguration activities plus activities related with introduction of Webmaker tools , Firefox OS , talks on FOSS and how can we contribute to Mozilla.


In whole , this event is going to be a great and superb event full of lots of fun and integrated with tech knowledge as well. NIET Firefox Club is a key grouping of awesome Mozillians who love openness and thus contribute to Mozilla in different ways. Club members are so much excited that they have started preparation for the event from now. NIET Firefox Club is also thinking to invite RAL from Mozilla India community.

I will try to post the updates regarding the event very soon. To visit club wiki , click here.

For further information , contact Club Lead (Vibhanshu Chaudhary).

What’s Life All About ?

I always wonder what’s life all about ? If I am asking this simple question to you , then what answer should I expect from your side ? As every person has different perceptions and mindsets , answers will be varied wide.


Whenever we get birth , we are automatically linked to various relations.Relations need not to be made manually.As we grow up , we come across many peoples Рgood or bad. We would like to create a relation with a good one and ignore the bad one. In this way , we increase our connections in day to day life. So ,  a question arises why are we connecting with other peoples though we are having blood relations.The answer is very straight forward that is we want ourselves to get recognized as an independent entity in the society and survive a better life.

I often think that why I am studying.I have got this precious life to learn something new and doing adventurous things. But I end up thinking that life is very long. A long phase of life is left for enjoying. Friends , I want to tell you a fact that life is not a slave of any person.It does not wait for anyone.For example , I pass most of my time in studying and doing useless work.Can anyone give me sureity about my life the very next day. The answer is No. I am alive today , may not be tomorrow.

So , Life is not all about doing usual things , following daily schedule , earning money , attending college hours instead life is about growing up yourself , understanding yourself , doing innovative and adventurous things everyday. Steve Jobs has also said that ”¬†Live Each Day As If It Was Your Last “. So , we should live our life to the fullest. We should not wait for the next day because this next day might never come in our life.

Now , I would like to end my discussion saying the very inspiring quote :

                                        CHERISH РYesterday

                                        DREAM РTomorrow

                                        LIVE РToday